JD Publishing Customer Comments

Mrs. Davis,

I just wanted to say thank you for creating such a wonderful melodic banjo course. It is so methodically laid out and broken down to its basic components. It’s something I would expect to see from a mechanical engineer or computer programmer but for applied to music. Being able to apply that approach, you took something complex and made it simple. I have read that is the sign of a genius. You are a genius. Thank you again. I have never seen any banjo book, and I have many, like your book. Hoping to see you one day at a Banjo camp. Stay well and healthy.

Regards Liam.

Hello Jim,

Thanks for the message. Download went very well – website is easy to use. I was sorry to see the shop had closed after all these years. I live in the UK and it was one of best and easiest to access and do business with. All good things come to an end I suppose. 

Best regards, Mick.

Hi Janet,

I’m a happy customer as I’ve been using the tabs and mp3s that I purchased from you. Having a lot of fun with chinese breakdown.

Richard H. 02/07/2016



Hi Janet,  

I just downloaded the D Tuners Package, and the down load was very smooth. So thanks again; I love your tabs because they were instrumental in my learning back in the day, and like I said, brings back good memories during those learning years. Thank you is really not enough.

Dean M. 03/30/2016


Hi Janet,

I just wanted to let you know that the tabs and MP3’s really worked out great! Keep up all the great work, and I will continue to use your products and promote your company to my students.

Take care, and “Pick Away”!

Dean M. 04/16/2016 


Hello Janet,

I would just like to thank you for the Ultimate Mandolin book that you wrote and authored.It’s absolutely excellent.I play mandolin and fiddle and your arrangements have given me some great variations to learn.Well done.  Awaiting Volume 2.  



Banjo Backup book is awesome. Did Janet ever spend time with a band on stage or did she just become a fine picker just to be a fine picker?? Please extend my appreciation for the fine job she did on that backup book.


Hey Ken, Yes, Janet had her own band in San Antonio, Texas for many years. Her Band played at many venues including The Texas Folklife Festival, Comfort, Texas Theater, Nacogdoches Bluegrass Festival and many others.