School of Banjo: Bluegrass Melodic Style by Janet Davis

Songs arranged for the “melodic” 3-finger style, (also called “fiddle-style”) on the 5-string banjo. Each lesson includes a popular bluegrass or fiddle tun...



The melodic style is a beautiful three finger picking style which can be traced to the early 1900’s and became a fully accepted style for playing the five-string banjo in the 1960’s, and is today an integral part of the three-finger style of many banjo players at all playing levels. Plus, the songs arranged in this style are easy and fun to learn. Although the melodic style may sound impossible with all of those notes coming from it, surprisingly you will find that it is not that difficult to learn and no previous musical knowledge is needed. This course covers the melodic style from the very basics of this picking style to the advanced techniques and provides many fun to play and well-known songs arranged in the three-finger melodic style for upper level beginning players through advanced level players.

 This book comes with an extended play online audio recording download.

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